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Project: "Promoting the recognition of diversity through a theatre play"


Theatre Theatron from Sweden and partners in four Serbian locations:

(i) BELGRADE: The centre for cultural decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade;

(ii) SUBOTICA: Kostolanyi Dezsö (a local minority theatre working in Hungarian), Subotica;

(iii) RUMA: "The City Theatre of Ruma”;

(iv) B.PETROVAC: VSV - Vojvodina Slovaks Theatre,(a minorty theatre playing in slovakian).

In addition to this, we have also established contact with The Academy of Art in Novi Sad, The Culture Centre, Indjija and Kikinda Folk Theatre, Kikinda, where we will set up our program.


The play, that present the audience with two migration narratives, is followed up by audience conversations and interviews with the overarching aim at create a space for diverse life stories and thereby enhance recognition of diversity in the population. Theatre Theatron (main applicant) has established contact with collaborative partners in Serbia with the objective to set up the play and carry out audience conversations and interview in six locations.

In each location we will set up the play with the audience conversation twice, and carry out about some individual interviews (about 20 in total).


The collaboration with the Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade started in 2013. It was initiated in May 2013 as Theatron made a contact travel to Belgade (financed by Swedish Arts Grants Committee). This was followed-up in November 2013 when the Swedish team also established contact with the collaborative partners in Subutica, Ruma and Indija (financed by The Swedish Institute, 10831/2013).


Teater Theatron is responsible for setting up the play and the local partners are responsible to supply with relevant venues and promotion of the play, audience conversations and interviews in the local community. Theatron and the local partners have a joint responsibility for the implementation of audience conversations and interviews.


We have also created an advisory group (referensgrupp) who with their different experties will support and advise during the project period.

The members of this group are: Ida Burén (General Manager Intercult, Stockholm), Tanja Petovar (Producer, Center for Cultural Decontamination (CZKD), Belgrade), Olof Hanson (Artistic director, "Fri Scen", Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Stockholm), Radoslav Milenkovic (Theatre Director, Serbian National Theatre), and Anna Thelin (Theatre Producer, freelance, Sweden).


Target groups are inhabitants, in principal young persons, of the local communities that we collaborate with from varous ethnic groups with diverese

experiences of cultural hierarchies in the Serbian society. To create a space for the recognition of diverse ethnic backgrounds, and support mutual understandings of 'the other' as well as of experiences of discrimination.


Suzanna and Zeljko Santrac from Teater Theatron are project leaders and actors with migration experiences, originating in the Vojvodina region and today anchored in Sweden at the same time as they maintain dense contacts with friends, colleagues and family in Vojvodina.


Suzanna was born in Sweden but her parents originate from Subutica, and she spent part of her childhood there. They belong to a minority group called bunjevci, but she also has minority experiences from Sweden.


Zeljko Santrac was born in Ruma, and migrated to Sweden as an adult following the war in forme Yugoslavia. With this knowledge about and experiences of double identities, as a kind of necessity, we are committed to share these with our ‘old’ home country.


That gives us a unique position and facilitates direct communication with the local partners and communities. Thanks to these qualifications Teater Theatron, with their dialogical concept, can contribute with a method for artistic and inclusive work where people share their life stories.


In this way, Teater Theatron initiates a for the Serbian context a relatively new method to communicate and interact with audiences and the wider community.



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